Fiction works, published under the pen-name Aurion du Preez


Set in South Africa during the decline of Apartheid, Under the Southern Cross is about one man’s struggle between religious idealism and the harsh realities that confront him in Christian missions. The story is also about true love and a young wife’s heroic role in salvaging a marriage and saving her husband from his own weaknesses and failures.

This is my first novel. It is classified as Christian Fiction, but its message and content do not quite fit that genre. It illustrates the dark side of church and missions that many do not want to know.

Bayou Caddy is a Supernatural Thriller.

Ronny Pham is the youngest of four children in a Vietnamese immigrant family in southern Mississippi, working as shrimpers out of a small port at Bayou Caddy. Amidst long standing racial hatred and violence, they are subject to taunting and intimidation, living in constant fear of burning crosses and lynching. Not only is Ronny bullied at school, but he and his white girlfriend Paige become targets of extreme violence. Ronny is murdered, and Paige is attacked and left in a state of psychotic withdrawal.

Fifteen years later Paige comes home to a community that has tried to forget them both. But from Ronny’s grave rises an ancient legendary force of vengeance and justice that no one will ever forget.